LifeGuard - Car Safety Light

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LifeGuard Multifunctional Car Safety Light

LifeGuard is an emergency kit all in one!  This fantastic product is multifunctional, with a powerful floodlight and torch that has a recessed razor blade cutter that frees both driver and passengers if seat belts do not unlatch.   It also has a stainless steel emergency breaking pin that automatically deploys when pressed against side or rear window for glass breaking.

The unit is magnetic so you can stick it to the outside of your car and use the emergency red flash warning light to get roadside assistance.

Key Features:

  • Run time: 5 hours
  • 5 metre beam
  • 3 light modes:  Floodlight | Torch | Flashing
  • Belt Cutter
  • Window Breaker
  • LED floodlight | Red flashing emergency warning lights
  • Magnetic base
  • COB 2W Led Strip
  • 200 Lumens floodlight
  • 70 Lumens Inspection torch
  • Drop proof up to 1 metre
up to 5 metres
up to 200 lm
up to 3 h
Lumens 200 lm | 70 lm
Run time Flood 5 hrs | Torch 3 hrs
Beam 5 m
Light mode Floodlight | Torchlight | Flashing
Impact resistance Drop proof up to 1 m
Power source 3 x AAA Alkaline
Size (L)158 x(W) 47mm x(D) 22 mm
Weight 127 g