Holster for Explorer 1000, XML-X and XPL / UV365 / Commander / Zoom 500

Product code: SPEXPHOLB

Price £10.05
(Incl. VAT: 20%)

This holster/torch pouch is made from durable black nylon to provide adequate protection for your flashlight. It has a long flap with durable velcro fastening, and an open base to accommodate torches of different lengths.  The sturdy velcro attachment loop on the back of the holster makes it easy to secure your torch to your belt loop, pocket, or rucksack. The front is embroidered with the NightSearcher logo. 

Compatible with the following flashlights:

  • Zoom 500
  • Explorer 1000
  • Explorer XML-X
  • Explorer XPL
  • Commander
  • UV365

Fastener type: Velcro

Maximum belt width: 85mm