2500 Lumens

Product code: NSWORKBRITECON2500

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Models available:
2500 lumens • 20 metre beam • equiv. to 170W
4000 lumens • 30 metre beam • equiv. to 270W
NightSearcher WorkBrite Connect is a powerful LED work light that cleverly allows you to link up with other lights or add power tools to the output socket located to the rear of the light. The diffused LED provides a uniform anti-glare light perfect for workshops and body shops, renovation, painting, tiling, plastering, as well as various types of DIY work, industrial, automotive, emergency and tactical or military sectors.
The built-in kick back stand allows for a versatile positioning of the WorkBrite Connect, and the carry handle enables easy transportation. The 1.8 metre heavy duty HO7RN-F cable wraps around the light unit secured by the plug clip. 
The WorkBrite Connect is made from heavy duty die-cast aluminium with rubberised edges to provide ultimate protection from knocks and bumps at the workplace. The light is impact resistant to 1 metre, and water/dust proof to IP54 rating. The WorkBrite Connect can be used on any flat surface as well as mounted to a wall from the carry handle.