HazStar – 2000 Lumen Rechargeable Hazard Work Light

Product code: NSHAZSTAR

Price £70.40
(Incl. VAT: 20%)

HazStar Rechargeable Hazard Work Light

  • 2000 lumen work light
  • Rear red hazard light with 100m visibility, 9 hours runtime
  • Front work light with 15m beam and 6 hours runtime
  • Power bank facility to charge your mobile device
  • Rear red lights can be removed and magnetically placed around a broken down vehicle
"A brilliant detail in the HazStar is that it’s rechargeable, so as long as you have engine power, you can’t get caught out. It has a red hazard light that shines in the traditional triangle shape to let other drivers know you’re broken down, and can also work as a regular work light to brighten an area whilst you check on your car. I would feel much safer knowing this work light was in my car’s box of emergency supplies."
Supplied With
  • USB Charging Cable
up to 15 metres
up to 2000 lm
up to 9 h
Light output (lm) 2000 lumens
Power source LED
IP-rating IP65 rated
Dimensions 255x90x340mm
Weight 965g
Beam Front work light with 15m beam | Rear Red Hazard light with 100m visibility