LightWave 520 – Rechargeable LED Head Torch with Dual Beam and Motion Sensor Control

Product code: NSHTLIGHTWAVE520

Price £22.62
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On / Off Motion Control Head Torch

Rechargeable LED Head Torch with Spot and Flood Beam

The NightSearcher LightWave 520 is a powerful rechargeable head torch with a built in motion detector - simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the LED head torch on or off.

The LightWave 520 features two lenses for single or dual operation of spot beam for long distance illumination, a flood beam for close up work, or a combination of both beams simultaneously. With a 140 metre spot beam at full power the LightWave 520 is a powerful head torch with modest battery runtimes of 2.5 hours at full power to 5 hours on low.

The wave sensor is perfect for hands-free operation, particularly if you're wearing gloves or have dirty hands - instead of fumbling for the power button, just wave your hand in front of the sensor.

Key Features

  • On | off wave sensor
  • Dual beam: narrow spot and wide flood beam
  • Dimmable on all light modes
  • Adjustable non-slip head straps
Supplied with fast charging USB Type C charging cable.
Helmet mountable with optional clips.
Supplied With
  • Type C USB charging cable
Optional Accessories
  • AC Adaptor UK or EU plug
  • Helmet clips